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Offer Best Training in Kerala & Certification

     We are Certified coders from AAPC and now we have planed and designed an excellent training program for those who wish to join in the Health care industry as a coder.

The Motto of our program is to promote and teach ethical and moral of Medical Billing and Coding principles.

We support learning as a lifelong process in the ever changing medical field. Our training will help you to gain the certificate from AAPC and thereby modify your carer.

We provide special coaching in anatomy, physiology and medical terminology for those who are not with medical background.

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About Medical Coding

What is Medical Coding
about medical coding

 Medical coding is a specialized profession within the wider field of health care administration. Professional medical coders review the documentation contained in patients' medical records, then they translate the written documentation into universaly acepted, industry-standard medical codes. These codes are used to submit claims to third party payers, and to gather statistical information, both by tracking incidents of specific diseases, and by disceming developing trends in treatments protocols. Accurate medical coding is essential to the health care industry. It is how claims for payment are reported for appropriate reimursement of provided medically necessary services. Above and beyond that, the granulated, specific data contained in medical codes provides a picture of a given patient's health history.

 When collected in aggregate, this information is used by actuarates to determine how to allocate capital for future health care needs. It is also used to steer incentives to specific programs that encourage quality of care that focus the health care industry on providing services that are considered to be of benifit to the general population.

    Qualification To Become a Medical Coder

Solid understanding of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. It is also highly recommended for serious coders to complete the medical coding course, or CPC. or CPC.Certified professional coders, or CPCs from AAPC are in high demand,

Because employers know that these individuals can perform the job of medical coder with the utmost proficiency.Any graduate or diploma without medical background are eligible for the medical coding course.

scope of medical coding

    Opportunites Scope of Medical Coding

Health care industry is a fast growing industry so as the career opportunity in the industry. The demand for medical coders and billers is increasing all over the world day by day.

With the growth of private insurance sector in India, sooner or later the health care industry of our country might also be based on the insurance, and we might also be based on the insurance and we might also needed to do medical coding and billing in different areas of health care.

Physician offices, Hospitals, and Insurance company may demand more and more coders and billers in future also presently the need of coders is high in outsourcing comoanies in India. The health care is aggressively looking for trained, effecient, knowledgeable and certified coders and billers.

Earning potential for medical coders and medical billers are more than 20,000 per month. Latest year statistics proves that an experienced medical coder earned an average CTC of 5,00,000 and more/year

About Medical Scribing

What is Medical Scribing?
about medical coding

 A Medical Scribing Specialist is a personal assistant to the physician, performing among many tasks, electronic record keeping responsibilities for the physicians during patient encounters.. This includes gathering information for the patient’s visit, performing documentation directly into the EHR in real-time, querying and using the EHR to manage the patient’s progress. An MS partners with the physician to ensure the best patient care.

 Why consider a career as a Medical Scribing Specialist (MS) - Working as an MS is a truly rewarding experience. This is a front-line service where you are actively involved with the physician to deliver optimal healthcare to patients. Dealing with experienced American physicians will build confidence in your work and promises a unique learning experience. Working closely with a physician will allow you to personalize the service you give to the physician..

    Purpose of the job

The purpose of this position is to handle medical data documentation responsibilities for physicians during patient encounters.,

Medical Assistant access live doctor-patient interactions remotely and accurately document the events and decision-making in a manner that results in appropriate medical charting. By accomplishing the time-consuming clerical duties that would otherwise be assigned to a physician, scribes enable physicians to spend more time with individual patients and increase the overall flow of patients in the department..

scope of medical coding

    Principal Tasks and Responsibilities of an MS

Accurate and timely charting of patient encounters, including but not limited to patient history, physical exam, diagnostic findings, lab and test results, Medical decision making etc.

Interact with the physician in a professional and non-intrusive way to ensure completeness and accuracy in medical charting.

Compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and policies relating to confidentiality of patient information..

Excellent job attendance

Other duties as assigned, including but not limited to training other Medical assistants and staff.

    What Is The Minimum Salary Provided For An MS By The Recruiting Partner Of CPMS ?

It is INR 38,000/- per month

Training Programs


medical coder

 Training Programs Offered For The Certification & Exam Prepration Of..

Certification in Professional Medical Coding (Basic)

Certification in Outpatient Medical Coding

Certificate Inpatient Medical Coding

Certificate in Professional Medical Coding



Training Schedule

medical coding training in kerala

Onsite Training Class ( Regular Class room Training)

Online Training Class (Training From your Home (using Internet )

Weekend Training Class (On all sundays and saturdays for employes and students)

Duration Of Course

3 Months Regular Class

One Month Crash Course Available


Course Modules

medical coding and medical billing

Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Terminology

Introduction To Medical Coding and Medical Billing

ICD Coding (ICD 9 and ICD 10)

CPT Coding

HCPCS Coding

HIPAA Rules and Regulations

CMS and NCCI Coding Guildlines


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